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July 6, 2015 - 08:00 PDT

Tommy's Holiday Camp re-opens as a traditional BBS over telnet


Whirlwind Software has re-opened Tommy's Holiday Camp BBS as a Telnet BBS.

Technologies developed by Whirlwind Software programmers Gerald Albion and Allen Walker between 1992 and 1998 will see new life as the old-school BBS re-opens to the public on telnet.  The BBS is running the NanoBBS software and features:

 - The enormously popular NanoCHAT/TommCHAT multi-user chat system
 - The groundbreaking Rancho Nevada game door (two instances)
 - Galactic Empire
 - The Streets
 - Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD) with three instances
 - Q-Pid, Hi-Q, The Purity Test

To connect to the BBS, use a telnet client such as PuTTY and connect to  on port 23 (the standard telnet port)
There are currently 72 virtual nodes, so time limits have been eliminated.

For more information on how to connect to THC over telnet, visit
Best of all, if you had an account on THC BBS in 1998, you probably still have one today!  That is, as long as you can remember your 17-year-old password.  If your memory has faded, contact us on facebook and we'll get your old account fixed!
   THC was once a dialup BBS.  Today, Tommy no longer has even one dialup phone line!  "Calling" BBSes is a thing of the past, and has been since 2000 or so.  THC's last dialup line went dark in 1998.

   Today, however, THC is not one but three systems!  Three facets of the same community.

   We are:

    - A Facebook page
    - A website
    - And now, a telnet BBS!

   The telnet BBS is the most recently added THC asset, and at the same time is our oldest.  It uses the same NanoBBS software that the dialup THC used from 1993 to 1998, features most of the same Door games and file downloads, and of course is home to the incredible TommCHAT chat system, which (despite being over 20 years old) does things most modern chat systems can't.


I quit drinking completely for a few months back in the 1990s.  When I had my first beer again, it definitely tasted like ass (or what I imagine ass would taste like...).  Maybe it takes a few beers to appreciate beer, like the ugly person at the bar who gets hotter and hotter with each beer, so beer gets tastier and tastier until your vomiting carcass is being hauled outside by the bouncer!

Courtesy of xkcd, - and no, it's definitely not mandatory for you to be a college IT student to read xkcd, it just feels that way sometimes =)

-=( T )=-



What I'm drinking tonight: From far-away, exotic Nanaimo, B.C., Wolf Brewing Company's

"Cerberus" Triple Dry-hopped Imperial IPA!

From the brewer's website: "Like the hound of Hades, Cerberus is a fierce, three-headed beast that attacks the palette with a fierce blend of hops."

That's about right.  This Imperial Triple IPA, while malty, is really all about the hops.  At once a three-headed roar of sweet and bitter, its citrusy howl resounds on the palate before coming to heel with a warm, still-hoppy finish.  As if to warn you: Enter, but do not hop to leave.  Err, hope. 

The brewer also says to expect "underlying hints of pine and star anise" but I think I would need a couple more bottles to detect this.  At which point I'd be too impaired to find the "Post" button on THC, because at 8.8%abv, this is a strong hi-test.

A seasonal brew for 2015, it's worth a look while you can get it!

A bit of trivia: The brewery found the bottle artwork on DeviantArt, and having fallen in love with the artist's work, endeavoured to find him (her?).  Having no luck in the search, they went ahead and used the artwork anyway.  So the copyright status of this bottle might be a bit grey, but without a doubt the liquor store is a nicer place for this decision!

My rating: 9.0/10.  Would buy again if it were a regular offering.


Under martian skies, another fun and colourful Pride parade and festival has come to Victoria!

We took several hundred pictures of the parade and the festival, and they can be seen in our new image category:

p.s. this is NOT the big annoucement which we will be making at 8am tomorrow! 


What I'm drinking tonight: To Øl's "Goliat" Imperial Stout

For tonight's sip I have chosen something ambitious: a stout named after the biblical giant, Goliath! 

This is a coffee stout made with chocolate malt, and in fact the chocolate flavour stands out most amid the massive wall of flavour.  Even though it's made with coffee, that's a secondary flavour.  Very complex, very sweet (that's the dark cassonade sugar making itself known), even a bit peaty, with a bitter aftertaste that, mercifully, does not linger. Opaque black with a head that starts out dark chocolate brown and settles down to a creamy butterscotch colour.

It's tasty but I find it difficult to think of a savoury dish to pair this stuff with.  With its sweetness I would classify it as a dessert beer but its bitterness would clash there too.

At 10.1%abv this is definitely a challenging sip, and it's probably a good thing it comes in 375ml singles.  Singles which cost $8.75 each!  Although To Øl is a Danish brewery, Goliat is actually brewed in Belgium.  Is it Danish?  Belgian?  Both?  Who knows.

My rating: 7.5/10.  This is definitely an enjoyable premium stout but it tries to be too much all at once, and never finds its calling.  Just as David slew Goliath, beers of lesser pedigree succeed where Goliat misses the mark.

To Øl Goliat IS

To Øl Goliat IS
To Øl Goliat IS
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