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Bomber Brewing's "Blood from a Stone" Red Rye IPA!

Got bad news for you if you don't like em hoppy.  This weekend is all about IPAs!  Tomorrow's will be too.

With a name like "Blood from a Stone" you'd expect this to be a challenging drink, that it would take you all night to get through a bottle.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  After a few sips I quickly found myself chugging this remarkably drinkable, and only subtly hopped brew.  At 6.8%abv it's a strong beer and demands your respect, but it's so refreshing that you will take it for granted and the respect will be hard-earned, to your drunken peril, but it definitely deserves it.  The guys at Bomber definitely understand the concept of "just bitter enough!"

Eventually I am going to start assigning ratings to the beers I review, but if I were doing so, this would be four-and-a-half stars (out of five)!  Ratebeer only gives it a 47 (out of 100); I respectfully disagree.  This beer is a good solid 90 at least!

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Only in America!

Parallel 49's "Filthy Dirty IPA"! 

This is probably the hoppiest offering from Parallel 49, who makes other IPAs including "Hoparazzi" and "Toques of Hazzard".  It's also a hi-test at 7.2% abv., so the experience is a bit like a beer with a shot of vodka and half a bottle of Phillips' "Hop Drop" hop liqueur added.  Not a horrible experience but definitely a bit over the top: next time I want something hoppy from Parallel 49, I'll choose Hoparazzi.

Parallel 49 is one of my favourite breweries, as my collection of "Old Boy" empties will testify.  They have a lot of great offerings, but I think this time they might be trying a bit too hard!  

Jago di Buja offers a second take on the issue of "provoking extremists."  His point is valid: the provocation does not justify the reaction!  Just as it's wrong to suggest that this girl dress differently so Artur won't grab her breast, it's wrong to suggest that the whole world has to observe Sharia so muslims religious fucktard lunatics, rejected by the very faith they profess to uphold, won't shoot people.  Insulting someone never justifies murder.  Censoring yourself to avoid terrorism is the same thing as surrendering to the terrorists and submitting to their dictates.

Free speech and big boobs.  They literally go hand in hand!

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