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Seen recently, this "67 Olds" which eerily resembles a late-2000's Honda.


This will be a short review, because it's a short beer (355ml single). 

Dernière Volonté (literally, "The last will") IPA is, like nearly every specialty beer from Quebec that I have ever tried, very fruity, yeasty, and sweet. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I have had enough Unibroue brands to know this beer's heritage when I taste it. A Belgian-style IPA, it would be more accurately described as a Quebec-style pale ale. Very little of the characteristic IPA bitterness here.

Perhaps it is for the best that I also had a bomber of Fat Tug - a true IPA - on hand to console myself with. This is not a bad beer, but it's really not quite what it claims to be. Yet, gives it a 97 rating -- as Quebec style beers go it is pretty well crafted, so within its true context, sure, it's very good. My rating: 8/10. 7% abv, about $4 for a single.

Shown is the bottle still on the store shelf, just before I grabbed it.

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(Why TF are you laughing?)


What I'm drinking tonight:

Red Arrow Brewing Co. "Threesome"

with Hemp, Hibiscus, and Honey

The first thing I noticed, before I even tasted this offering, was the colour - bright red with a slightly pink head.  That's the hibiscus talking. 

Then I took my first sip and found it sweet, but light and refreshing.  The honey makes itself known. 

Beyond the sweetness, it has a crisp, smooth, very slightly fruity flavour and finishes cleanly - that's the hemp.  Who knew hemp makes beer better?  These guys, that's who!  Despite the red colour and the presence of hibiscus, I sensed very little floral flavour.  Which is a good thing, because most flowers taste like poison, including edible ones, but the possibility to make a beer that tastes how flowers smell did weigh on my mind as I looked over this bottle before purchasing it.  And while the sweetness definitely comes from honey, this beer actually tastes less honeyish than most honey ales do.

Overall, this is a very nice novelty beer.  I wouldn't make it my nightly go-to but if you want a one-off change of pace, this is a good choice.  5.3%abv.

My rating: 7.5/10.  Not bad,  It was on promo at a local store (not my usual one) for $5.49 for the 650ml bomber.


So here's what I'm drinking today.  Not going to review it but it's nice and hoppy.  Mrs. Tommy brought me the sticker, apparently some hippie had a whole roll of them and was handing them out to anyone who'd take them.  I can't put it on my car or my laptop because I have to appear non-partisan at work, any suggestions where?


While at the liquor store, I also picked up this free handbook - it's an enlightening read!


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