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The Who's "Tommy" - inspiration for the original THC BBS and this site - was released 46 years ago today! 

Some say Tommy is The Who's greatest work - others say their magnum opus is Quadrophenia.  My personal favourite Who album is "Who's Next", believe it or not.  Which is your favourite Who album?  No poll this time, just leave a comment.

Happy 4:20 day! 

"Shut up and take my money!" department

Tonight's sip: Nelson Brewing Company's Wild Honey Organic Ale!

I'm not sure what the advantage to drinking organic alcoholic beverages is, since the risk of negative consequences from drinking alcohol far outweighs, in my estimation, any conceivable benefit from drinking beer made from "organic" ingredients.  All beer is poisonous to some degree, or people wouldn't become intoxicated and sometimes even die from drinking too much of it.

This beer comes in aluminum cans and, like all canned beers, tastes ever so slightly metallic compared to glass-bottled beers.  Aluminum, of course, is an adjuvant used in modern vaccines (another contentious issue among those to whom the word "organic" is important), and you probably get more of it from drinking one canned beer than you would getting a shot.  One wonders if the organic crowd thought of that?  Don't worry, though, aluminum cans and inoculations are both perfectly safe!

The metallic taste of canned beer, of course, is why I prefer to review beers that come in bottles when possible.

With the organic soapbox off my chest, I can at last fairly evaluate this interesting sip.  It's light and malty (as claimed on the can) but a bit bitter and has a lingering finish.  However, the taste is offset perfectly with some salted peanuts, making this beer a good choice at a party or in a pub.  Some people claim organic tastes "better" than conventional counterparts in foodstuffs, but while this beer is good, there is nothing really extraordinary about it. 

If you're looking for a departure from the usual honey ales offered by local or national breweries, this might fit the bill, and if you want to fit in with pretentious friends while still being able to drink and even enjoy your selection, this is definitely the stuff for you!

5.0%abv, 6x355ml cans are about $11.50CAD before taxes.

My rating: 7/10.

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