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From Fairfield, California's Heretic Brewing Co. comes tonight's sip: Evil Twin Red Ale!

This is described on the label as "A Bold Red IPA" and it certainly is.  Its deep red colour is striking.  On first sip, I noted the characteristic citrus notes of a good hoppy IPA, with a somewhat spicy aftertaste that fades to bittersweet.  This is not your everyday IPA; although other reviewers have raved about its balance I found it a bit rich.  A treat, not a staple.

Ratebeer gives Evil Twin a 97 rating; mine is 9/10.  A very good effort indeed!  6.8%abv, sold in the 650ml bomber pictured here.

A crowd gathers for the unveiling of the new Harper statue

A priest and a rabbi found themselves sharing a compartment on a train.
After a while, the priest put down his book and opened a conversation by saying, "I know that in your religion, you're not supposed to eat pork... but have you really never even tasted it?"
The rabbi closed his newspaper and responded, "I must tell you the truth. Yes, I have, on the odd occasion."
The rabbi had his turn of interrogation: "I know that in your religion, you're supposed to be celibate, but..."
The priest interjected, "Yes, I know what you are going to ask, and yes, I have succumbed to temptation once or twice."
The two resumed their reading. It was silent for a while.
Then the rabbi peeked around his newspaper with a smile and said,
"Better than pork, isn't it?"


What I'm drinking tonight: Red Truck Beer's '46 Porter, Limited 650

Dark in colour but not in flavour, '46 Porter is a different kind of porter.  Not overly heavy or sweet, slightly bitter but with almost nil hoppiness, very clean in finish.  Much more drinkable than most porters.  Most dark beers give me gas but '46 didn't!

Why I chose this beer: I visited a '44 airplane today (Commemorative Air Force's B-17 bomber) so a '46 bomber was the closest I could get in a beer!

650ml bomber, 6.6%abv.  My rating: 8/10 -- no brewed orgasm but very good nevertheless.


What I'm drinking tonight: Driftwood Brewery's "Fat Tug" IPA

... from a keg, in a pub!

The menu spoke of this brew's "grapefruit" and "mango" flavours, as so many hoppy IPAs do, but in this case, the complex concoction of fermented hops really do come together beautifully to produce a very citrus-forward sip that is uniquely refreshing and perfect for a hot summer afternoon!

So many hoppy brews on the market try to outdo each other with heavier and heavier hop presence, but this one masters balance and targets a specific flavour, which it bulls-eyes adeptly!

Perhaps it's the fact that this really is a top notch IPA, or perhaps I don't get out enough and am not used to drinking beer this fresh, but whatever it is, I thoroughly enjoyed Fat Tug.  It might be competing for my favourite IPA! 

As a warm-weather-friendly refresher, Fat Tug would pair well with outdoor and recreational food - barbecued chicken kebabs, nachos, tacos, perhaps spicy Thai.  It'll wash away the heat of jalapenos and habaneros like nothing else! 

I must confess, however, that I did not order food at the pub when I sampled this brew, so, as with all subjective experiences, "your mileage may vary!" gives Fat Tug a 99% rating, and I concur - this is a highly recommended sip, especially if you can find it in your local pub!

7% abv as served.

My rating: 10/10 -- Perfect!

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